Baggage Handling Services

Central Baggage Handling Infrastructure

  • Central baggage conveyor system for outbound and transfer baggage: Provision and operation of the system for Terminal 1 and 2 as well as for the V3 apron station, including backup function in case of system failure.
  • Gate baggage facilities for outbound baggage: Provision and operation of gate baggage systems at those gates where gate baggage handling is possible.
  • Central baggage system for inbound baggage: Provision and operation of inbound baggage systems in sufficient number in arrival halls A, B, C, D and E.
  • Bulky baggage facilities: Provision and operation of bulky baggage facilities.
  • Central baggage security facilities: Provision and operation of a system that ensures in case of usage that no baggage is carried on a flight unless the owner is aboard the same flight. Unmatched baggage must be authorized for carriage by the airline.
  • Conveyor belt for misdirected baggage, handling of rush baggage and re-classification of baggage as well as baggage tracing: Handling of bags, which did not follow their allocated journey or could not be properly assigned through the handling process and ended up on the conveyor belt for misdirected baggage.
  • Feeding baggage into the hold baggage screening system (§ 5 and 8 LuftSiG - German Air Traffic Act).
  • Customs baggage warehouse: Operation of a central customs baggage warehouse in compliance with the current customs regulations.

Key Facts of the Automatic Baggage Conveyor Facility

  • Capacity: approx. 20,500 baggage items per hour
  • Reliability rate: 98.69 percent
  • Total length of conveyor routes: nearly 81 km
  • Transport speed: 2.5 m/s; maximum speed of 5 m/s
  • Peak record: 119,499 baggage items