Measures to Facilitate Work

Healthy employees are an essential prerequisite for Fraport AG’s ability to perform and its business success. Safe, healthy working conditions also contribute greatly to our employees’ motivation and satisfaction with their work.

Innovative measures and solutions to facilitate and support their work are a big part of this:

  • Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor: a versatile belt loader extension built into a mobile belt conveyor to facilitate the manual loading and offloading of baggage and cargo in the aircraft hold
  • Holders for the handheld communication devices and intercoms in our vehicles
  • Bus and tractor seats with pneumatic suspensions
  • A feature on our baggage towing tractors for automatically approaching and coupling to the trailers
  • Vacuum lifting devices for offloading arriving and transfer baggage
  • Beverage vehicles and “water & apples” campaigns on the apron
  • Assignment of employees with disabilities to support functions
  • Rotating job assignments to reduce stress and monotony
  • Intensive general measures to prevent accidents